BX66 SCAM: What They Don’t Want You To Know That You Must Know

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It’s no news that in recent times cryptocurrencies have spread into different use-cases with the help of blockchain technology, while some government of come countries are embracing it, some are putting an embargo on it due to lack of ‘control’ and freedom cryptocurrency gives to it adopters.

Cryptocurrency exchange websites like Binance has become a household name and one of the best cryptocurrency exchange site in terms of structure, security and volume they process. If you are new to cryptocurrency and don’t know where to start from, you can get an account from Binance in a short time, plus you can easily convert your cryptocurrency to fiat and vice versa.

Due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency, many scam investment platforms have spring up, they promise juicy returns and end up stealing your money. One of such website is Bx66 aka Bs66 or Blackstone, so any of these names will be used interchangebly.

Bx66 claimed to be affiliated to one Blackstone Company whose profile can only be found on their website (bs66.me) and nowhere else. How can a company who claimed to have been existing for over 30 years with hundreds of millions of users not be known?

Now, they are currently operating three URLs which are below:


So, come with me as we dissect a bit further. They are operating a Telegram closed group where they claimed to have an analyst that predicts the movement of BTC (bitcoin) and their users place a bet on these predictions and either win or loss but are guaranteed to win 1 out of every 7 predictions and if they ever should lose, the analyst who sometimes poses sometimes as a neutral entity and at other times a part of the company will pay you back your loses. But from why?

If you’ve read a little on BTC you will know it’s NOT owned by someone and nobody pays you for predicting it movement, there are exchanges that have platforms like Binance who has Future trading where you can ‘predict’ if a cryptocurrency will increase or decrease, however, this is between two parties – you are either losing to someone or gaining from someone, I hope you get it.

How Bx66 Scam you?


They disrupt their network in the middle of their trading session so you cannot place a recovery bet, place double bet or increase your stake and make you lose – all these will make you lose your money and they will blame you for it.

Red Flags To Take Note Of 🚩

Who Owns It? 💭

bs66 scam analyst chat

I further asked which of the Blackstone because if you do a simple Google search, you will see a lot of Blackstone, which is also a classification for some kind of Investment Company.

chat with bx66 fraudulent analyst

Now, if you visit www.bs66.me, at a first glance it looks good but none of the links on the menu or footer leads anywhere, so their contact details are concealed. In other words, you are dealing or about to dear with an unknown acclaimed investment company.

When Did They Start Operation and when did they start in Nigeria? 🤔

chat with a 6x66 fraudulent admin and a curious member

This question was asked by a curious user in the group and these were the answers. It is acclaimed that Bx66 was established 5 years ago in the USA and 6 months in Nigeria. Wait, don’t go yet, there is more.

One of the admins claimed that they’ve raised millions of USDT, take note as at this time, the user base of the Telegram group was less than 300.

Inconsistent response from bx66 fraudulent admin

What is their User base? 👤

bs66 fraudulently acclaimed hundreds of millions of users

They claimed to have a user base of hundreds of millions, I guess the owner/BX analyst doesn’t know the meaning of that. How can you have hundreds of millions of users and your group as at then was less than 300 users and still less than a thousand as at the time of this writing? A company with hundreds of millions of users should be having nothing less than 200 million users.

Another user raised a valid point that we are not up to a million, watch how the Owner and admin came up with a defense and also their inconsistency with the date previously stated.

One of the admins claimed that they’ve raised millions of USDT, take note as at this time, the user base of the Telegram group was less than 300.

bs66 fraudulent claims

What is the Return on Investment and other compensation plans? 💰

They promise a 100% profit in as little as 20 days. They pay referral bonuses up to level 3, they pay team rebate, and they also pay their naïve recruited admins (some of which are part of the syndicate) 12USDT per week. Obviously, a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul but I’m not done yet. Lol. They also give a meagre 0.1 USDT as “mining”, mining of cryptocurrency has been reduced to just clicking on some icons on the bx66/bs66 website. What a slap! 

What is The Currency Used for Transaction? ₿

Their chosen current for transactions is USDT, a stable cryptocurrency. It’s stable because it value doesn’t fluctuate, 1USDT is usually equal to 1USD.

Who Are Those Behind It (Operators)?

They are unknown and anonymous. Although, they claim to have a face to appear legit but they are just like shadows that can disappear into thin hair.

Ask yourself if you’ve seen the faces of the Bx Analyst (owner), and his/her other admins on Telegram, have you? If yes, leave a comment below.

Where Is Their Contact Address?

Their contact address is also unknown and not stated. However, there are giving a false hope to their members to believe that they are legit. See the screenshot below:

bs66 fraudulent claim to setup an office in Abuja Nigeria

Then some of their uses asked if the company is registered in Nigeria but the question was avoided (just like a usual scammer) , see below:

bs66 fraudulent claim to setup an office in Abuja Nigeria

They also cannot state how many of their hundreds of millions of users are in Nigeria today. Also, let me state that this Telegram channel is filled with Nigerians but less than a thousand in number, see receipt below:

fraudulent bx66 admin avoiding question

Why is Withdrawal Only Possible Between 9am and 9pm?

They are obviously preparing the ground for the day they would leave you stranded and you will think they are off duty.

Why is Upgrade Every Night or so Frequent?

They are preparing your mind to not be suspicious and raise alarm on the day they will be parking up, you will obviously think it’s their usual updates that happens daily. Even the biggest social media platform and financial institutions don’t update every night and day, how much more a site with less than a thousand users.

Why Does All Deposits Go Into One Central TR20 Account?

All the deposit made on their fraudulent platform is made to a centralized USDT TR20 account and confirmation is done manually. After you send your USDT to the address, you will need to upload a screenshot, then someone will manually approve your deposit, what a quack and primitive approach for an organization who claims to have hundreds of millions of users.

But don’t forget their mission is to disappear one day, so having all the deposit go into one centralized TRC20 account will make it easier for them.

How Do They Make Money? 🤑

A user asked this question –

“How do you mean here,

What is the benefit for this platform (I mean how do bx66 make money?)?”

And here is a response from one of the owners –

“We are to help the virtual currency increase transaction volume. The company and the virtual currency dealer have reached an agreement, so the company’s profit point is 0.05% of the bet amount. As long as your bet amount is larger, the more you make. Our company can also earn more profits, and you can also earn more money. I hope our cooperation can last for a long time.”

how fraudulent bx66 claims to make money

Does this sound logical in the financial or even the crypto-world?

Anyway, they have a compensation guarantee that has made many of the users to throw away logical reasoning even though they can see the red flags all over, here is it below:

bx66 fraudulent guarantee that has yet to be tested

The users are like a chicken being raised to be cooked at Christmas to the Bx Analyst.

If you are not still convinced that they are scammers like they want you to believe, I made a quick search on Google on one of their websites and try to find out about the domain, here is what I found:

  1. They are using a top-level domain dot xyz that can be gotten for free, this is a supposed billion dollar company
  2. They are running their shady platform on a subdomain. If you see a link like this https://bs66.vu2a5b.xyz, the main domain name is vu2a5b.xyz. So If you check vu2a5b.xyz you will see that it’s a parked domain name from Godaddy.

Here is what Domain parking means according to Wikipedia:

Domain parking is the registration of an Internet domain name without that domain being associated with any services such as e-mail or a website. This may have been done with a view to reserving the domain name for future development, and to protect against the possibility of cybersquatting. Wikipedia

bx66 vu2a5b dot xyz parked domain name registered by godaddy

So, I want to believe they parked the main domain and created a subdomain to operate and they can always create as many.

     3. According to ScamAdviser, here is the overview report of the website:

They highlighted these negative moments:

  • This site is a website within another site
  • The website owner uses the service to hide their identity
  • This website is (very) young.
  • According to Alexa, this site has a low Alexa rating
  • This website is hosted in a high risk country.
  • This website is not search engine optimized
       4. The domain names are new domains, the fraudulent owners hid their details, another red flag for an acclaimed billion dollar company. See the report from Scamadviser below for https://bs66.vu2a5b.xyz:

The WHOIS registration was done in September, the website title is in Chinese yet this is an acclaimed USA company. Let me show you what scamadviser is saying about the owner and the website:

The screenshot about is showing that the domain name is registered and owner’s details (WHOIS) is protected by Godaddy (a US company), however, the website is hosted in Honk-Kong (HK), another red flag. It is very rare for a multibillion dollars US company to do this. Moreover, the best hosting companies are domiciled in the US.

What about the second domain name – 0reypq.xyz? See the evidence below, you can tell, the scammers registered the domain names same period:

And here is the report from Scamadviser of their main corporate website bs66.me:

All three domain names were registered in September and their owner’s details were hidden. You can do research on a credible financial company you know and see the report.

In conclusion, run away from Bs66, Bx66, or Blackstone as they call themselves, they are out there to steal from you and that is their end game.

I tried it for some days before doing my due diligence and this is why I am putting this out so that people don’t fall victim. I know a few who are victims already. I was lucky I didn’t lose my capital in the scheme.

If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably is (something is wrong). Don’t lose your hard-earned money at this time.

Stay safe.

P.S. I have discovered other red flags after I wrote this article and there are a lot of disarray in their camp, will you like to know? Leave your comments below. They are doing all things to appear legit. I don’t want to drop the other red flags yet so they won’t perfect their gimmicks yet.

P.S.S I was involved and was I was scammed by changing my stake during the bet before my eyes, I lost all the money I ever made but I was lucky I didn’t lose my initial capital but it was a 20 day labour loss making me to lose 59% capital gain, this prompted me to dig further and here we are. I don’t want you to be scammed, be wise.

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    1. What will you like to know about them aside from what you’ve learnt so far? Can you be specific?

      1. Hi brother I want use this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation today I want invest $300 in this plartfom but by know I now they are scammers they want run with people money

    1. With what you’ve read you can make your decision but I can assure you that nothing is real about them. I’ve been there and know what I am saying, all the red flags are there to see. Can they explain their business model, the answer is NO and they are also unknown. You can’t look for them anywhere should they steal your money.

  1. Somebody invited me to join their telegram platform yesterday. Somebody asked them if they operate more than one telegram account but one naive admin answered and said no. We operate only one telegram channel. But unknowing to the thiefing admin, the telegram channel on which the question was asked was titled “BX66VIP group 18″.

    They shall won’t see my money to collect cos I have this philosophy” no free money anywhere”. Even betting site that gives you free bonus won’t make it easy for you to cash it out cos they understood that concept clearly.

    1. LOL, they just changed their Telegram group name to “BX66VIP group 18″. This is to give an impression that they have many others. It’s a lie. They are paying the naive admins for their jobs so they defend them with their sweat while others are part of the syndicate.

  2. Whether they are scam or not, some people will make it through them. They are still paying and we keep moving. The moment we make double of our money we take it out. It is left to the greedies…

    1. And who told you they won’t collect your money? You are talking about doubling your money. Where do you think they are getting money from? You should ask yourself some logical questions.

  3. Hmmm. Honestly I was about joining the platform ooo…
    I just decided to check Google first before proceeding.
    Thanks for the update. I will have a rethink…

  4. I would have lost my hard-earned money to this scam. Thank God for the little background check I carried out and that brought me here. Before I download app on the play store, I do check reviews. A lot o Pakistani warned against it on the play store. Thank you for this well detailed information.

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